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By Aileen - September 02, 2017

Don't you love natural products? I personally LOVE them, and growing up in Bali makes me closer to nature in so many ways. Here in Bali, there are so many natural local cosmetic brands, from lower class to high-end class. They use local ingredients and process them in local factory utilizing local people here. Many of the owners are actually not Balinese people, some of them are even foreigners. Their love of local culture and nature has given them inspiration to create something better to give back and for a better world. I just admire how passionate these people towards their work. 

One of Bali's best natural products that I really adore is Sensatia Botanicals. This time, Bali Beauty Blogger got invited to visit their factory in Karangasem, Bali to see all the process from chemical process until packaging process and ready to be delivered throughout the world. Yes, the world! Sensatia Botanicals products are also available online in US, UK, and many more. You can also find it in Sephora now, isn't it amazing? 

me with the goodie bag!
The factory is basically behind their store, It is uncommon to see such an elegant store in the middle of village, surrounded by trees and traditional houses.We went in and the journey begins... 
We were accompanied by Sensatia's head pharmacist, Mr. I Nyoman Parta Wijaya, who was surprisingly young. He patiently explained and answered our questions with very detail and educative explanation. His performance throughout the day definitely showed us how passionate he is at what he does.

BBB keenly listening Parta
The process begins with carefully selecting and formulating best ingredients to create a product. Sensatia only uses ingredients that were ordered from their original source, for example the essential oils are mostly from India. The factory was very clean and smelled nice, It was the typical smell that you can find in all their stores. The beginning process was testing all formulas to make sure they have the safest and best results to be produced massively. 

The 100% eatable ingredients

Have you ever heard of cucumber oil?
The raw ingredients are highly supervised by Quality Control Department, every single thing they received need to pass quality checks. I was very excited and surprised to find many eatable ingredients, such as chocolate, roasted seaweed, yam bean extract, etc.   

The analyst testing everything 

Mixing the ingredients

Carefully stirring the liquid soap
As you can see in the pictures, although the factory is not big, It was very clean and highly supervised/controlled. Everybody used lab gears properly and they all worked neatly. It was very interesting to see the entire process of cosmetic products making, especially the soap stirring. They said stirring the soap required highly skilled person, that's why the workers here have been working since beginning. I will share later down below how Sensatia gives back to local people in tremendously admirable way.

Stamping the expired date

Gluing and assembling the packaging

We are ready to go!
The disposal of rejected items
The last step of production is packing and shipping, ready to be displayed or delivered to customers. Sensatia also provides personalize bath amenities for hotels or villas, you may find it in Alila Hotel, Padma Resort, etc. As I already mentioned, they have strict quality control system, all items that are not passed will be disposed properly, in environmental friendly way.

Below are the reasons why purchasing Sensatia's products will be one of the best decisions you'd make. Their employees are families living in the East area of Bali. Parta told us that many of them are actually blood-related. The owner decided to give directly twenty percent of TOTAL SALES to employees. This way, employees feel like working on their own business and will give one hundred percent effort. From the eco side, they use bio-degradable shopping bag made of cassava starch, which I only find it here (please see my first picture). They changed it from reusable fabric shopping bag because it's not "green" enough, and not many would reuse the bag. I very appreciate this decision even though the cost is even bigger.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Sensatia to anyone. For the products review, I will share it soon! Thank you for reading my factory journey and I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. Love their products too. One of my fave local products for sure