Bali's Best Natural Skin Care : Sensatia Products Review

By Aileen - September 05, 2017

I promised you guys and girls to review Sensatia products earlier, this time I will share brief review of all products I have (there are eight of them). Few weeks ago, I and Bali Beauty Blogger visited their factory in Karangasem. It was simply an interesting experience, surely made me trust the brand even more. Before I begin, I want to emphasize that Sensatia Botanicals’ products are unisex, they work great for both men and women. In fact, their pharmacist is a guy, He tested most of the products by himself and I could really see that He has great skin. 
After the orientation, they were so kindly to give us a goody bag filled with four products. I knew this brand before and had purchased some, so this review will be an honest and true review. I do hope you find it useful! I will start with the sponsored products followed by my Sensatia collections.

I actually have been using the Botanical Lip Protection for almost a year now. I apply it every day on the morning before applying lipstick or lip tint and on the evening before going to bed. The basic formula is natural honey, so you can actually apply it elsewhere that needs extra moisture. The Vanilla and Mandarin is their bestselling lip balm variant because it’s super yummy! I would say that I enjoy using it and it works beautifully. In my opinion, there are two things that need improvement which are the packaging and the SPF. I think the packaging could be smaller because even I have been using it for a year, there is still plenty of it! I’m already bored of the smell. It’s also not travel-friendly, it’s not hygienic to use fingers swiping it over and over. In addition, extra SPF for protection would be nice!

As you can see below, the serum has unusual yellow color, it’s mainly because of the main ingredient, Kakadu Plum. This Australia superfood contains the highest amount of natural Vitamin C, about one hundred times of orange. They don’t want to use artificial Vitamin C extract like most of skin care products, which is nice. The liquid is quickly absorbed by skin, I use it like three to four times a week after toner, very excited to see any improvement on my skin. The smell is a bit too strong for a serum, very jasmine, would be nicer if it’s milder.

Coconut & Vanilla Facial Scrub
I actually purchased it few months ago, so now I have two of them in my shelf!  The scrub is cream based, definitely softer than the usual sugar based scrubs. They use walnuts shell for the exfoliator which is unique, and I love nuts! I like the smell of it but I couldn’t tell if it’s coconut vanilla, I wish it was stronger like an ice cream, because who can resist Coconut and Vanilla?! I use it two to three times a week combined with my Laneige Clear-C Peeling Mask, definitely feel cleaner and softer afterwards.

Wild Honey Facial Mask
I love love using facial masks! Did I tell you I had bought nearly one hundred mask sheets on my Korea Trip? I use mask about three to four times a week if I’m not busy. This mask is a clay based mask, best for oily combination skin type. I have normal dry skin, that’s why I can’t use this often or my skin will get dry and harsh. As soon as I apply it, it gets dry quickly and tighten my skin, which will help reduce wrinkles.

Kakadu Plum & Argan Botanical Eye Serum
I have quite bad under eye condition, same like my sister. Even with enough sleep, good nutrition, working out, putting on good eye cream, I still have under eye bag (sometimes even ‘bags’). I decided to give this a try because it contains high amount of Kakadu Plum, the richest source of Vitamin C. Other than that, they say I can apply it before my other eye cream, they will work together better. The other reason I bought it was the consistency. Like their facial serum and body milk, the eye serum is very light and quickly absorbed by skin. I really admire this quality of Sensatia products. The color and consistency are similar with facial serum, whereas the smell is more bearable for me, it’s kind of like very strong tea. I am planning to do a deep review on this one after several months, I am positive the review will help a lot of people who suffer from under eye bags and dark circle.

Cucumber & Lemon Body Milk
Have you heard of Cucumber Oil? I was very surprised to know that even cucumbers have oil, LOL. I have been using the body milk for quite a while now, I really like the consistency and the absorbance. It gets absorbed by skin very fast without leaving any sticky feeling or residue. The smell is also nice, not too strong, apply it after shower and you feel fresh!

I bought this spray toner because I needed something fresh and practical to use during the day, especially when working. They have several types according to your skin condition, mine is for normal-dry. I have been enjoying the toner, I put it in my locker and use it on weekdays before and after work. Even though I spray it on my makeup, my skin gets moisturized and refreshed without ruining my makeup. The only downside for me is the smell of all toner variants, it’s too herby, too organic (if you understand what I mean). I wanted to buy the Chamomile one but I didn’t like the smell, and the Cleopatra’s Rose was too rosy. I would repurchase if only the smell is more pleasant.

When my sister gave this to me to try it out, I wasn't totally excited because usually natural hair products are too mild for my hair. I have very soft but frizzy hair, it gets very messy easily, I don't brush it much because it will fall off much. The mask is very fragrant, I love the smell, it's similar with the Coconut Vanilla Scrub. Although the name is argan and tamarind, it also contains honey, coconut oil, and cacao seed extract. The texture is very soft and gentle, easy to apply, my hair feels soft and more manageable afterwards. I still want to see how it goes in the long term. 

That was all my review of Sensatia products, have you tried theirs? Please share your thoughts and tell me which one do you like the most. When we care about the nature, we care about the future. 

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  1. Love your review. I love Sensatia too. My favorite is their body milk and face toner is just so refreshing. I want to try the body cream and scrub too

  2. Kecehhh reviewnya <3 aku juga suka banget sama sensatia ni :D my fave yg vanilla facial scrub sm c-serumnya totally love it! aduh kepo sm result long tem ny yg buat under eye, ud nongol wrinkle sedikit

    1. Thank you Anne!
      Iya ak jg kepoo, nanti klo uda beberapa bulan pasti aku share <3