Lizly What A Lovely Eyeshadow Palette Review

By Aileen - August 26, 2017

Hello, gorgeous! In this post I am going to do a review of LIZLY Eyeshadow Palette in variant "What a Lovely" eyeshadow. I'm a bit nervous because this is actually my first make up review! (*blush*blush*) So, apology in advance if my review is maybe still far from perfect, even there is no such a thing as "perfect review" HA-HA-HA.. I am starting to mumble. Anyways, I promise I will be getting better and better, 加油 ! (jia you!) 

I am a fan of Korean style make up, because whenever I had heavier make up, everybody said my face was too arrogant, eyes were too big, etc. In conclusion, I am not really suitable with smoky eyes, strong eyeliner, dark shaped brows, deep contouring/bronzer. I got this beautiful palette from my sister (, Thank you dear! *kiss*. I honestly never heard of this brand before, I chose this palette from Althea because of the amazing review. LIZLY has three variants, two shimmering series and one matte series. The "What a Lovely" palette is the shimmering one. It seemed like these palettes were one of the hyped products in South Korea, they said as soon as it was released on the market, all SOLD OUT! I wondered why, but now I definitely understand. 

As you can see, the colors are just pretty and PERFECT for everyday look. My favorite is Lovely Girl, Lovely Day, and Lovely Sunset. For more romantic look, put on Lovely Love and Lovely Heart. You can mix and match without going too wrong! It is also perfect for newbies because the shades are only 6, so no need to get confused (based on my personal experience). Other than that, they are super pigmented, I only need one good swipe to cover the eyelids. The packaging is also simple, but they do not provide brush or mirror. Overall, with this price tag, I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

- Beautiful and easy to wear colors
- Super pigmented
- Not too shimmery/glittery
- Simple packaging
- Super affordable!

- No brush and mirror inside
- Might be hard to find

OVERALL : 9.5/10

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