Wine Appreciation Class with Hatten Wines

By Aileen - April 27, 2018

I’m back ! This time I want to bring a topic that is a bit different than what I usually shared, I ‘m going to talk about Wine. Yes, you heard me right! Wine actually has a close relationship to beauty, both from the benefits and the image. My father is a huge fan of wines and beers, we always have them at home, but I don’t drink much because I think I’m kind of allergic of alcohol, but of course I still like it. Few weeks ago, I and Bali Beauty Blogger fellas got the chance to visit Hatten Wines Wine Hub in Sanur and to experience their famous Wine Appreciation/ Food & Wine Pairing Class. In case you didn’t know, Hatten Wines is 100% Balinese owned by a prominent Sanur family and has been making wine in Bali since 1994. The company produces and distributes ranges of wines and spirits, such as Hatten Wines, Two Islands, Dragonfly, and Dewi Sri. Each of these brands has their own characteristics and specialties. The company knows what they are doing, Hatten Wines received an award as Winery of The Year 2017 by Asian Wine Review (AWR). Proudly Balinese!

me and sissy are drunk already >.<
Proudly Balinese!
Now we get to the fun part! We were given six glasses of different types of wines to try and observe. OH! Before that, I want to share how I really loveeee their venue, I did not want to leave. The building is a warehouse style building that consists of classrooms, private dining room, offices, and a wine lifestyle boutique, they also have a green space beside the building. Each area has different styles and functions, very enjoyable.  My favorite was the private dining room, where we had our wine lesson. I admired the room because the ambience was very elegant and cozy, the kitchen made it even more like home.  You can host any events here where they will provide the food and the wines, for sure! All the areas can be utilized as events venue actually, I would want to throw a party here. The classrooms were also amazing, all wine courses and lessons are provided for amateurs to professionals. All these programs aiming one objective, for people to appreciate wines. More info about Hatten Wines building.

I scream WINE!

TWO Islands 

BBB is having fun!
Now really is the fun part, hmmm…. We were taught about the wine bodies, how to express or explain wines flavours correctly, and how to pair it with the right food. I knew I did not have good knowledge whatsoever about wines, I got so much valuable information from our Somelier master. One common theory that is in fact wrong is that “white meat pairs with white wine, red meat pairs with red wine.” The right way to pair them is by matching the body levels and flavour levels, you have to pair low-body wine with light food, same with high-body wine with heavy food.  Make sure to not overpower each other, this way our palates can enjoy both flavors and balance each other.
Wine class by our Somelier master
I will share something that was very interested to learn which was the concept of “Terroir”. During the class, most of the participants including me love the Hatten’s Alexandria White Wine. It is also their bestseller wine in Bali. Wonder why? This probably has something to do with terroir concept. An article in Saveur explains that terroir simply means that a wine smells and tastes of the place it was created. The soils and growing conditions of the vineyards will make its wines special and distinct. Hatten’s Alexandria is a very fruity and fragrant wine made from the Belgia grapes grown in Hatten Wines’ vineyards in Bali. In conclusion, our Indonesian’s palates might like it better than the others.

the amazing food
For the second round, we were given small portions of three kinds of meat (chicken, fish, and beef) and three kinds of sauce (rendang, Balinese curry, and beef reduction with grapes). I’m seriously telling you, the food was GREAT! I’m not kidding, I eat a lot of Western food and I can tell the chef is not playing around. The chicken and beef were so juicy they melted in my mouth, the fish was soft and just right. The main stars were the sauces, some of us even suggested them to sell the sauces in a jar because they were THAT good. Special mention to the beef reduction with grapes, you don’t find this beautiful sauce easily anywhere in Bali or Indonesia. One more reason to host your events here!

courtesy of Hatten Wines: HOPE of Bali

On a different note, I would like to share a fantastic news from the Hatten Wines Wine Hub. They have an amazing partnership with a charity program called SoleMen Indonesia that helps disadvantaged individuals all over Bali. They constantly hold various charity events that need our support, come and be part of this amazing movement!  

Thank you Hatten! XOXO

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