Sensatia Pomegranate Cleansing Oil and [NEW] Wild Honey Facial Mask Review

By Aileen - January 22, 2018

Being in the weather transition from rainy to sunny days, always remember to hydrate your body and skin. I just recovered from a cold recently, It was awful but thankfully I gained my spirit again. Talking about spirit, Sensatia products always give me a boost because they smell and feel so so nice, including the ones that I’m going to share with you. If you wish to check my previous Sensatia products review, please kindly go here

This time, I get to try their latest products which are Pomegranate Cleansing Oil and Wild Honey Mask (better-formulated). Well, the mask is not entirely new, they just make a better version. I’m so excited to see their new packaging! To be honest, their previous packaging was kind of boring and everything was so similar, I needed to read the boxes or bottles one by one to identify them. I guess they do listen to feedbacks, great job! As you can see, they now have the main ingredient’s illustration on the box, they also changed the colors to make it more modern and not monotone.

I’ll start with Pomegranate Cleansing Oil, hmmm… how I love pomegranates, I just wish we have more of them here. Pomegranate is famous for rejuvenating skin and anti-inflammatory. When I heard about natural cleansing oil, I was a bit skeptical, because good cleansing oil will be able to remove all dirt and makeups quickly. I wasn’t sure if natural ones can do it. The product claims:

"Remove stubborn dirt and makeup with Rejuvenating Pomegranate Cleansing Oil, a unique formula made with all-natural ingredients. The botanical blend includes pomegranate oil, argan oil and magnolia berry extract, all of which are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Massage into face and wipe away grime for skin that is thoroughly cleansed, calmed and toned."

How about the performance? As you can see in the pictures where I tried to remove my waterproof liquid eyeliner, I had to actually rub it several times and It was still not clean. The formula is pretty nice and very mild, suitable for sensitive skin, leaves the skin moisturized, but It doesn't do a great job when removing strong make ups. For non-waterproof makeups, I would say It does a pretty decent job. This thing is actually not bad considering you need more chemical products to remove strong makeups, so this is a safer option. Besides, we only wear strong or waterproof makeups on few areas such as eyes and lips, so an extra remover on cotton pads won't hurt.

Because I have the old version of Wild Honey Mask, I’ll do a comparison between the old and new. The size and bottle are still the same, only the appearance that changed. The ingredients are pretty much the same with some additions such as Argan Kernel Oil and Fruit Extract. When I pressed out some of it, I could feel the new one was actually softer and lighter which was very nice, I would say it was easier to spread out, like butter. The color and smell were not much different though, I guess more honey fragrant would be nice. After I applied it, It got dry and tight but not as dry/tight as the old version. Overall, I really like the new version! It's more pleasant with the same amazing results.

Have you tried Sensatia's new products? Please share your thoughts and tell me which ones you like the most. Another great thing of Sensatia is you can easily find their stores around Bali and for outside Bali, you can find it online and sstttt.... even more discounts!

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  1. in love with their new products :D suka ya yg yg baruan jg tube maskny lbh gampang dibuka :3