Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Ash Khaki Brown Review

By Aileen - December 12, 2017

I promised to you earlier that I will be sharing my experience using Mise en Scene Hello Bubble in color Ash Khaki Brown (7K). Some of you might be familiar with this hair bubble type, I’ve tried some different brands and I can say they are great affordable products for you who like to do experiment at home. Of course, you won’t get exactly the same color as it’s displayed on the box, but it’s just super fun and way cheaper than go to the salon. In addition, the formula is ammonia-free and…. I’ve been a fan for ash brown hair but I don’t want to bleach my hair. When I saw this new color of Mise en Scene, I straightly fell in love with it! It was just so pretty and unique, there’s a hint of green that I like. You should definitely check their new Ash series.

What's inside?

 The box consists of the liquid formulas that you need to mix first, hand gloves, clothes cover, conditioner, and instructions in Korean. Mixing it was very easy, just tilt the bottle left and right, no need to shake it crazy. Then directly apply it to your dry hair evenly, make sure to start layer by layer, do not apply it like when you’re shampooing, or the color wouldn’t be even. One bottle is more than enough for me, I kept pumping and pumping but there was still leftover. Wait for 20-30 minutes for the color to be absorbed, then wash thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner given, finally dry it off.

Before (with different lighting)
As you can see in the pictures, my previous hair color was quite light, so it’s easier for the new color to be absorbed. The result was quite satisfying, I got the greenish gold brown color. Although it’s not as ashy as I would like it to be, but so many people compliment my new hair color because it’s not usual. My tip is you need to make your hair color as light as you can at first, then dye it with your preferred color. If bleaching is not your option, go for hair primer (one of them is from Mise en Scene) or pick the blondest color you can find. Be noted that the results may depend on your hair color level.

Loving it!
Yey! All and all, I really recommend Mise en Scene Hello Bubble in Ash Khaki Brown. Even after a while, my hair is still smooth and glowing. It’s not drying at all and easy to maintain. I use organic shampoo and natural hair conditioner every time.

+ Easy to apply
+ The colors are pretty and many to choose from
+ Safe formula, not drying
+ Affordable

- Not very long lasting but I’m good! 

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