Althea MD’s Pick Box [Trendy Box] Review

By Aileen - March 28, 2017

Hi there, beauties!
This is my first beauty review, at first I would like to explain a bit of my beauty style and preferences. I am Indonesian – Chinese with fair yellowy skin tone and brown eyes with double eyelid. My skin type is rather normal-dry. I am more of a skincare junky than make ups. My favorite is absolutely Korean products, but I also use some other Asians and Western products.

Who doesn’t love Althea Boxes? As you all may know already, Althea is a Korean based online cosmetic website that ships worldwide. They launch Althea boxes with incredibly good deal every several weeks and are easily sold out within a day.  This time I’m going to review their special box which was claimed to be must-have box for ‘True Althean’ with only IDR 360.000 (appr. US$ 27)
 I didn’t get to purchase this box the first time it came out, It was quickly sold out within less than 24 hours! I was so devastated, but then I didn’t give up and kept checking whether they will restock, and they did! So here I am….

The box consists of 7 must-have items according to Althea MD, the items are:
1. Laneige – Clear C- Peeling Mask
2. Calmia – Calmia Cleansing Tissue (87g)
3. Lebaton – BanBan Cleanser
4. Son & Park – Face Lighting & Shading (Editor’s Pick Korea Allure 2016)
5. Catrin – Diamond Mineral Foundation
6. Rire – Luxe Volume Tint (Milano Red)
7. Pure Smile – Tea Pot_Body Soap
Very great deal!

Open the box!!
For me, the stars of this box are definitely Laneige Mask, BanBan Cleanser, and Son & Park Lighting & Shading.  I am going to review Laneige Clear C - Peeling Mask separately whether it’s worth the hype and I’m not going to review the tissue and the body soap.

BanBan Cleansing Oil and Gel
BanBan is really famous for their half-half products, this bottle consists of Cleansing Oil and Gel with very nice grapefruit scent but it might be too strong for some people. As you can see below, it cleanses thoroughly and perfectly with two steps. The feeling is very smooth and nice, it is also very efficient because you only need a very little amount of the products to deeply cleanse and remove all impurities.
Before and after cleansing with oil

After rinsing, put on some cleansing gel and rinse again

Next is another famous product from high-end Korean brand Son & Park. Because of the cream based product, it perfectly fits dry skin type.

I find it a bit hard to blend with the brush provided, I had to practice several times. I really like the highlight which has very silky and natural finish but I don’t love the shading. It is very subtle and hard to blend, however the color is very nice and suitable for fair skin. If you have medium-dark skin, just go with the western highlights and bronzers, don’t waste your time by trying this product.

Catrin Mineral Foundation
Actually, I have never heard of this brand before, however I found many good reviews on the internet. Catrin claims to have 100 % mineral products that are very light and do not dry out skin at all.
The container is really cute and totally travel friendly. The coverage is rather subtle and it creates flawless matte complexion, great for touch-ups! For me, I will use bb cream or cushion first before putting this for better coverage.

Rire LUXE Volume Tint in Milano Red

Rire is a low-end brand that has many variants of lip products such as lip manicure, lip powder, etc. I only have their LUXE Gel Eyeliner which I really love and wear it everyday. With only IDR 55.000 (less than US$5 in Althea), it glides on smoothly and lasts all day.   
This one is a thick pigmented lip tint in color Milano Red. It lasts quite a while, might be little bit dry for dry lips and great for those who like sexy bright red looks. 

That's a wrap!
Overall, I'm really satisfied with this box and will surely purchase another ones. Looking forward to share next boxes from Althea because I am indeed a True Althean, how about you? 
Please share your thoughts or any recommendation about the products, I'd be glad to hear them.

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  1. Love the banban, and highlighter. Can't wait for laneige review

  2. Hi! May I ask for your review on the banban cleanser? I'm actually planning to buy one but it's really a struggle to find reviews online. Hehe. thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi Shine,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Sure, banban cleanser, especially the oil formula is really effective to remove make up and dirt. The smell is strong grapefruit, some people might find it too strong. All and all, it's worth the price, but I still prefer water based cleanser. Hope that helps!