Hi there, gorgeous!
First of all, thank you for visiting or stumbling upon Knotty Laces, I do hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I am a Bali based beauty and lifestyle blogger who is doing nail arts and calligraphy/design as my main job.

I speak Indonesian, English, and Chinese. Living in Bali for most of my life makes me appreciate the diversity and culture more. I am thrilled to show you what it has to offer, as well as my travel journey.

My love for beauty started to grow under my sister's influence. We both love to try many different kinds of skincare and makeup (but mostly skincare), especially Korean ones because they work wonderful for us! I do wish you find great products from my recommendations and reviews.

I am also going to share my journey as a nail artist and a calligrapher. I fell in love with these kind of creativity, I finally found my passion. Even though, it still needs a lot to grow, I am very excited of the journey. It would be fantastic if you could stop by my studio @lace.beautybar and @atelierplum.

I can't wait to start this journey with you, Cheers!

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