MOODmatcher 12-hour Lipstick (Light Blue and Green) Review

By Aileen - November 13, 2017

It has been very busy working days for me, really miss writing on my computer and taking pictures. I even had new hair color but no new photos yet, omoo… I promise I’m going to share about it later because I really love this new color of mine! Thank God I wasn’t kicked out of my job. Okay, so today I’m going to review these very unique lipsticks from MOODmatcher by Fran Wilson from the US, I picked the color light blue and green. Let’s see what it claims first:

“The Original 12-Hour Longwear lipstick with clinically proven staying power and moisturizing benefits of Aloe and Vitamin E”

“Color changes upon application – locks in color – no touch-ups needed”

 “You can eat, drink, smooch and smile without smudging, feathering, bleeding or fading and it's waterproof!”

It’s a quite powerful lipstick, eh? It’s almost everything you can dream of a lipstick. Usually, a long-wearing lipstick does not have good moisturizing power, it tends to dry quickly and make the lips chapped. The price of the regular MOODmatchers are pretty cheap, around $4 on the website or IDR 60.000 in Indonesia’s stores. They also have several different types of lip color, such as Twist Stick, MOODpearl, Liquid Matte, etc. The color selections are extensive and very unique like candies!


As I applied it, it did have good moisturizing power, you need to wait 2 minutes for your MOODmatcher lipstick color to reach its “peak” of personalized color. In my opinion, the color is very subtle and natural, it enhances your lip color. As you can see on my swatch, it’s obviously not like their official swatches, maybe I need to reapply it over and over again. About the lasting power, it was indeed very long-lasting, I tried to swipe it off with tissue but didn’t remove the color at all. It stayed all day long which was satisfying because that’s their selling point after all.

Light Blue - Green

MOODmatcher - Light Blue

MOODmatcher - Green
I obviously prefer the green one as I’m not a fan of purple lips. In conclusion, I think it works more like a lip tint than a lipstick which is great for everyday use especially on busy working days when you don’t even have the time for touch-up after lunch! I don’t recommend this for special occasions though, it’s not bold enough for me. MOODpearl, Metallic MOODS, Liquid Matte would be great for special occasions.

- Very long lasting
- Smudgeproof
- Moisturizing
- Natural colors, great for everyday use
- Affordable

- Bulky packaging
- Very hard to remove the stains

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