Absolute New York Opening in Bali

By Aileen - October 13, 2017

Smart shopping is always something I’ve been chasing for, finding the best products with the best value and price. Gorgeous make ups are undoubtedly not cheap dear, especially here in Indonesia. Fortunately, we’re getting more brands coming from all around the world that are gorgeously affordable! Say BIG HELLO to ABSOLUTE NEW YORK! Some of you might not be familiar with this brand, It’s a US based brand that provides an extensive array of contemporary and professional product lines with a touch of its trademark NYC edge. Last month, I and Bali Beauty Bloggers got invited to see ANY (ABSOLUTE NEW YORK) opening in SOGO Discovery Mall Kuta Bali. They have many branches in 78 countries throughout the world and Indonesia is the 76th, WOW!

We got to try the wide range of their products and I can tell you, we were surprised by the quality! The best-selling items are ICON Eyeshadow Palette, Velvet Lippie, Lip Mousse, and Strobing & Shading. Not only full range of professional makeup products, they also have some skincare products. We got to watch makeup demo using ANY and Artisan false lashes and It was so much fun watching my sister as a model. How is it? Isn’t she pretty? ^^

I will do a review of ICON Eyeshadow Palette in shade SMOKED and Velvet Lippie in RUMBA. When I saw the palette, I straightly thought of the UD Naked Palettes, they were so similar in terms of packaging and brush.  ICON has three shades which are EXPOSED, TWILIGHT, and SMOKED. I believe the most versatile palette is EXPOSED because the colors are rather neutral and soft. TWILIGHT has more fun colors such as purple, pink, yellow, and blue which are perfect for Korean eye makeup looks and for edgy bold style. SMOKED is a perfect palette for creating smoky eyes, night looks or just simple daily makeup looks using few colors.

Let’s talk about the performance, shall we? For the price of IDR 255.000 (USD 19), this palette is absolutely to die for! You can see my swatches, the colors really pay off without any fall outs. One swipe is enough, they are very pigmented and just beautiful. The palette has great balance of brown-gold and black-silver shades, the creations are endless. My favorites are Debutante, Heartache, and Stormy. The packaging is not high-end, it has cheap plastic and metal materials, but I honestly don’t mind at all. The quality of the brush is surprisingly very good though, it’s sturdy and got soft full bristles. So happy got a great addition to my palette collections.

We’re moving on to Velvet Lippie. It's a buttery matte lip cream that has 24 shades from the most wearable of neutrals to the most dazzling. I chose this pale orange color in RUMBA because I wanted to try different look, my lip colors are all either nude, pink or red. I knew It’s going to be harder to pull this color off, but always experimenting right? The formula is light, it dries quickly, it’s not over-drying my lips but I can still feel the stickiness a little bit. As I mentioned before, I’m not a matte person, my lips easily get dry and chapped throughout the day, but this one is perfectly fine. 

For its price range and quality, ABSOLUTE NEW YORK can easily be anyone's favorite brand, including me! GO grab them now at shopping malls in your city, they're currently expanding and will keep opening new stores throughout the world! #embraceyourinnerunicorn #AbsoluteNewYork_ID

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