Healthy Eating on A Budget in Bali

By Aileen - March 06, 2017

Who says it is hard to find good affordable healthy restaurants in Bali?
Healthy lifestyle in Bali has been tremendously developing, now you can find numerous organic, vegan restaurants and caterer throughout the Island. But sadly, in my opinion, most of them tend to overprice the products. 
Well, of course it would be much cheaper to buy "gado-gado" in warung or regular salads in supermarkets, but trust me, these few lists will not let you down. 
I like to eat basically all kinds of food, I can eat raw, cooked, asian, western, etc. That way I could have fair judgement towards what I eat. Some of these lists are rarely mentioned by another websites or blogs, but you may search their good reviews on TripAdvisor. Okay then, let's get healthy!

1. Nook Sanur
This is one of my favorite restaurants to go. The place is mostly decorated with earthy white-washed furnitures, very comfy but a bit hot in day time because they have no air-con. They serve vast variety of breakfast, salads, smoothies, western, indonesian-asian, etc. My favorites are Full English Breakfast (not so healthy but daa?!), 5 Elements, French Toast, and Smoothie Bowl. I also loveee all their smoothies and health boosters, very energizing and have good consistency. The food is served with generous portion and beautifully prepared.
Smoothie Bowl (Dragon fruit, banana, papaya, strawberry, wild honey,.....yum!)
taken on August, 2016
French Toast and Blushing Berry Beet
There is something that I found out quite a while ago. Nook has another branch at Kerobokan with its famous rice field view. The menu and the quality of these two branches are the same, but the price and the service charge are different. I think you can guess which one is higher :) Also, the one at Sanur serves all-day breakfast menu, while at Kerobokan cannot.
Located at:
Jl. Pantai Sindu no. 6, Sanur

2. The Spicy Coconut
I decided to try this "vegan warung" with my friend because they have excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. They serve 100% vegan food, also gluten free for dessert. The place is quite small, comfy and packed with foreigners who seem like repeater customers.
What I love is that they serve huge portion, so you can share. They also use local ingredients like "tempeh" and "sambal" and make it fabulous with avocado guacamole. Weird combination but surprisingly works together!
You may check their website on for complete menus and prices. Another good news is all prices are NETT! greaaatttt....
Soft Shell Tacos and Berry Colada
Located at:
Jl. Batu Belig no. 81, Kerobokan

3. Bodhi Leaf Eatery
This vegan restaurant is located far away from tourists spot, it is located in the center of Denpasar. They have many varieties of organic vegan food that locals and foreigners might enjoy, from "Nasi Liwet", Pad Thai, "Soto", Indonesian "Jajan", pressed juice, till' bird's nest, they are all here! They also sell healthy and eco stuffs like a reusable glass straw, pretty interesting huh?
I'm a fan of the customize salad bowl, there are small (40k) and large (60k) type. They serve different kinds of filling everyday. For the small one, you may choose 5 fillings, whilst for large, it's 7. The fillings are very unique, for my bowl, I choose edamame salad; mexican salad (red bean & corn); beetroot & dates salad; vermicelli salad; and sauerkraut; topped with sesame spirulina powder and sesame cashew powder.
The price are NETT also 😋
Small Salad Bowl
Located at:
Pertokoan Udayana
Jl. Letda Made Putra No. 2B, Denpasar

4. Fair Warung Bale
Have you ever thought that you can give back to society by eating? Hmmm......I think anyone would want that, wouldn't you?
This social restaurant prides itself in giving back 100% of its profits to the foundation and its free health and medical programs for Bali's less fortunate people. Amazing right?
The place is small but you can experience eating in Balinese style. The food is mostly Asian, seafood, and salads. One of their signature dish is the Tuna Tartare (small 55k or big 80k), but believe me the small is not that small. I love eating raw food like sashimi, but this one really captures my mind. The combination of tuna and mango with a hint of lemon is really amazing.
Small Tuna Tartare and Banana Crepes
Located at:
Jl. Sriwedari 6, Ubud

Eating healthy doesn't have to be fancy, start your habit day by day. Thank you so much for reading my first post and pleaseee do tell me what you think below. This is a short list and I will surely update it from time to time. Enjoy!

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  1. awesome list! would love to try all of them immediately!

  2. whaaaaaat i never knew these place existed despite living in bali for the entirety of my life! lol thanks for this list! 🍑

    Jennifer |

    1. Hahaha you're welcome ! I'm sure there are still alottt in Bali to try